Story Thieves (MMGM)

Title: Story Thieves
Author: James Riley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publication date: 2015
Page count: 383 (hardcover)
Life is boring when you live in the real world, instead of starring in your own book series. Owen knows that better than anyone, what with the real world’s homework and chores.

But everything changes the day Owen sees the impossible happen—his classmate Bethany climb out of a book in the library. It turns out Bethany’s half-fictional and has been searching every book she can find for her missing father, a fictional character.

Bethany can’t let anyone else learn her secret, so Owen makes her a deal: All she has to do is take him into a book in Owen’s favorite Kiel Gnomenfoot series, and he’ll never say a word. Besides, visiting the book might help Bethany find her father…

…Or it might just destroy the Kiel Gnomenfoot series, reveal Bethany’s secret to the entire world, and force Owen to live out Kiel Gnomenfoot’s final (very final) adventure. ~ Goodreads

I love, love, LOVE this book. It’s been a while (since Neverseen) that I’ve read a fabulous book! I forgot how awesome it was! There was character growth! That was like, one of the best parts. Plot twists! Not the gasp “Oh man” kind, but there were some! Romance (just a little)! Adventure! A LOT of adventure.  And the writing! The author is very funny. In a subtle way…I can’t wait to read the next book,  EEEEP!

My complaints: The main characters got on my nerves a bit in the beginning.

Age recommendation: 9

The Most Fabulous Quotes!!

“”Half Upon a Time? I met that author once. He misspelled his own name in my book when he signed it. Weird.”

“Ugh, those clever lips of his!”

“All this wall shaking made Owen less confident in his whole we’re fine, the book won’t kill us this early theory.”

And now it’s time for…What Does the Cat Think?

Go Carolina Panthers!!!

Harrumph, I’m more of a Broncos fan…

And I give this book 5 stars out of 5 AND a medal!

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12 thoughts on “Story Thieves (MMGM)

  1. I've heard so much about this book! It's a great concept. How cool would it be to climb into a book and be transported to that world??? I would totally try that! (When people aren't around…hehe) Thanks for the review!

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    1. Honestly same?! Like the characters and the world are SO engaging and so much fun to read about. Plus, they are absolutely HILARIOUS!!! I’m glad to find another fan!! Thank you!

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