KOTLC and Skyfall fan art!

Hi guys! Today I wanted to spread the Keeper and Skyfall love and post some pictures of my fan art (also because I was super proud of my drawings)! (Pardon the erase marks) Though one of the pictures would be really easy to figure out and it would be a HUGE spoiler for Neverseen. So that one is aaaalllll the way on the bottom below  the failed drawings (yeah, I posted those too) and it’s labeled with Big red letters! I also found a very short plot description on Amazon of Lodestar! 

The adventure and action continue in this fifth book in the bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities series.

Betrayed by one of their closest allies, Sophie’s whole word has been turned inside out. The battles are shaping up and the stakes have never been higher…


Here I copied Courtney Godbey in her Biana Character art…

IMG_4043Ok, so maybe this wasn’t Sophie’s reaction. But it sure was mine!


Q: Is this IT for Syfall fan art? Just one little picture of a tornado!?!?

A: Yup, I tried I really did! But in KOTLC they wear capes so all you have to do is draw the cape and BAM fan art! But in Skyfall, you actually have to, like, DRAW the person. It’s hard.

Failed fan art marathon! Hide your eyes!

IMG_4046.JPGAudra fail #1!!

IMG_4047.JPGAudra fail #2!!

At this point I decided to draw something easier, like maybe Audra and Vane holding hands. Easy right?

IMG_4045.JPGWRONG! I tried to fix it by adding letters but it still was awful and my handwriting SUCKS.


Keefe fail! I covered up some of it ’cause it *might* give you nightmares (it’s THAT bad)


Silveny! I don’t think I did so bad on this one until I drew the wings…


Ah, this one is my favorite!!! It is a Black Swan disguised as a deformed turtle!


Caution! Potential spoilers for Neverseen!




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