I’m writing a book!

HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE NEWS EVERYBODY! I’m writing a BOOK! Yes! And it will be published fall 2017!

The Cover!


Isn’t it gorgeous!!!

The title! Foolish Fools Fool Firends!!!

Here’s the blurb:

Cassidy can’t wait for April Fools day, the best day of the year! She has all her pranks planned out, but just one problem. She has no one to prank! Her mom and dad are off on a buissness trip, and after and unfortunate incident involving a cow, a barn, and a precariously placed bucket, Cassidy lost her only friend. Determined to succeed in pranking someone other than herself, Cassidy sets out to find a friend. In this heartwarming and hilarious novel, debut author Sue Kooky expertly weaves a compelling story of friends, courage, and poop.

About the author (ME)!:


Sue Kooky is an expert cake eater, cat lover, and author (wannabe). She spends her time writing useless blog posts and writing unfinished drafts. She loves sparkles and cheesecake. She lives in a house with her family and all her pets. She is also a contributing member of Team Keefe!




What other people have said about Foolish Fools Fool Firends

“Huh, sounds wierd but interesting.” – Miley Zoo (Professional crafter)

“Tongue twister.” – Lily Pedal (Parent)

“Ugh, I would never do that.” – Tiger Zoo (Professional friend)

“Eh, treats?” – Ilovecupcakes (Professional chair conqueror)

“WOOOOHOO! Sounds like me!” – Iggy (Trouble maker)


Just one last thing to announce (if I haven’t given it away yet) Happy April Fools everybody! 😉

~ Sue


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