Serendipity and Me (MMGM)

Sorry for not posting last week guys! 😦 I went out of town and I was going to post at their house, but then it turned out that THEY HAD NO WIFI!!!!!! I almost DIED! It was awful. So to make up for it, I’m posting two posts. You can check out the other one here


Title: Serendipity and Me
Author: Judith L. Roth
Publisher: Scholastic Inc
Publication date: 2013
Page count (Paperback): 312
Age recommendation: 9


Sara has always loved cats. She surrounds herself with pictures of cats, stuffed cats, even cat-headed slippers. But she’s never been allowed to have a real cat of her own. Her father has always told her no, for reasons he won’t explain.

So when a fluffy snowball of a kitten darts through their front door and into her life, Sara believes her dream might finally come true. But convincing her father to break his strict No Cats policy seems impossible. She has less than a week to persuade him that this kitten is exactly what their lonely, broken family of two needs to heal.

Told in lyrical, spare verse, Serendipity & Me is a sparkling novel that elegantly handles the topic of loss for a middle grade audience. ~ Goodreads



I got this book just because of the cover. IT’S SO CUTE I THINK I MIGHT FAINT!!!! *ahem* But this book is actually a very sad book about a girl trying to deal with grief. It takes a good look on how grief affects different people. The characters really drew you in and I found myself rooting for Sara. There was also a mystery surrounding why did her father not want a cat? We do not know (until the end). But it wasn’t extremely sad like If I Stay (I cried). It also had a really interesting format! It was written like a poem, but I’m not sure if it was a poem book or just written like that. (It didn’t rhyme. How could it be a poem? XD)

My complaints: Sara’s father was a professor and her mother was his student. It really, really, really bothered me that they became a couple. The professor had to be at the youngest 35 and her mom was living in the dorms so I’m guessing she just finished high school. Yuck. Plus it was against the rules. (Has my goody two shoes come out yet?)


Fabulous Quotes!

I jump into his arms.
              I love you punishment,

Serendipity tries to help us make up the bed
by standing in the middle of the mattress

It is hard
to be afraid of the dark

when a cat
is standing on your face


What Does the Cat Think?

I am soooooo much cuter that Sarendipety, Serandapty? See you can’t even SAY her name!

I give this book 4 stars out of 5!!

Just because her mom and dad’s relationship bothered me so much.

16 thoughts on “Serendipity and Me (MMGM)

  1. I have a cat loving niece who would probably enjoy this one. I’m always traveling and got over the no wifi issue by scheduling my posts in advance on WordPress. Of course then you actually have to write them in advance too.

  2. I’m so sorry the professor/student relationship bothered you. In my mind, Matthew was a new professor, maybe 27, and Aislinn was 20 or 21. Seven years is the same age difference of my parents, so it seemed fine to me. Also, Jocelyn didn’t have the facts quite right–it wasn’t against the rules; it was strongly discouraged. But these are behind-the-scenes things that you, as the reader, didn’t know. My fault. So I’m sorry if it made you go, “Ew!” Do you feel any better now? (Speaking as a fellow goody-two-shoeser.) Thanks for the review!

  3. warrchick

    So, was it a novel in verse, then? I’ve come across several over the last couple years, and found I really like them. As you say, poetic if not strictly poetry. 🙂
    You’re right that the cover is to die for, and the novel sounds like a great read, too! Thanks for the recommend, and happy MMGM!

  4. books4learning

    I agree on the cover! I like your description better than the Goodreads’ one (sounds like it just about a cat). I will put this book on my list. I enjoy poetic novels. I understand about the teacher situation. It bothers me too! Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. I didn’t realize by the cover that it’s a book about a grieving family. And I also didn’t know this was a verse novel. I’ve been studying them, so I’ll add it to my list. Thanks so much. Love your cat’s response!

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