The Copper Gauntlet (MMGM)


Title: The Copper Gauntlet (Magisterium #2)
Author(s): Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Publication date: 2015
Pages (hardback): 264
Age recommendation: 12

Callum Hunt’s summer break isn’t like other kids’. His closest companion is a Chaos-ridden wolf, Havoc. His father suspects him of being secretly evil. And, of course, most kids aren’t heading back to the magical world of the Magisterium in the fall.

It’s not easy for Call . . . and it gets even harder after he checks out his basement and discovers that his dad might be trying to destroy both him and Havoc.

Call escapes to the Magisterium — but things only intensify there. The Alkahest — a copper gauntlet capable of separating certain magicians from their magic — has been stolen. And in their search to discover the culprit, Call and his friends Aaron and Tamara awaken the attention of some very dangerous foes — and get closer to an even more dangerous truth.

As the mysteries of the Magisterium deepen and widen, bestselling authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare take readers on an extraordinary journey through one boy’s conflict — and a whole world’s fate. ~ Goodreads



I was sooooo excited about this book! The first was was so unique and I couldn’t wait for this one. It starts off good, characters are still likeable (or as likable as the can be) 😉 and they plot and writing was going great. Then, it got even better! Action and a race against the clock to-well, I can’t actually tell you so I’ll just say that’s really exciting! But then, the book lost its thing that made it stand out. I mean, it didn’t lose all of it, and it will probably return in the next book. But I was so sad that it lost its thing that made it so unique, that I almost considered putting it down-but I didn’t, luckily. This time it didn’t really remind me of Harry Potter except for one moment when Tamara (his friend) acted a lot like Hermione.


Fabulous Quotes

I don’t know,” Call said. He was starting to worry that there weren’t any good guys. Just people with longer or shorter Evil Overlord lists.

“Karate-chopping ninjas in a mudslide?” Tamara gave Aaron and Call a dark look. “Could you guys try to lay low?”

“Don’t kill her! Only maim her a little!”


What Does the Cat Think?

I’m much too tired for such silly antics.

I give this book 4 stars out of 5!


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