SUE KOOKY HAS MADE A MISTAKE THAT IS NOT ENTIRELY HER FAULT! Sooo…I know you all can’t wait for the Bookolympics and I said it would be up next week (which is now this week). But then there was a dramatic twist! Here I was, sitting on the couch, happily killing all my brain cells staring at the computer when my mother walked through the door. Ignoring her, I clicked to check Goodreads when a shadow fell over me. Looking up, I saw the most scary thing ever! I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO TO SUMMER CAMP NEXT WEEKEND IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!!!!! Screaming in terror, I ran out the door and fell into a hot guys arm. Even more freaked out, I grabbed a crystal thingy on his neck and accidentally light-leaped to Eternalia! And then I realized the hot guy was an elf and I left him to die alone!Β I leaped back and saw that he had scared the beast away and we lived happily ever after. THE ENDΒ So, yeah. It went something like that. But I will post Monday or Tuesday next week I promise. Thanks for understanding fellow readers! Till next week!

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