Hey hey hey! So… first of all, sorry for posting so late! I was busy eating tacos, pizza, and chocolate cake :P. (now I feel slightly sick but that’s beside the point) But now that I’m out of my food coma, I have SUPER HUGE NEWS!!! I’M PART OF A BLOG TOUR FOR NOT ONE, BUT TWO BOOKS!!!!! :DDDD The first book is Chasing at the Surface by Sharon Mentyka which will be posted on October 6th, this Thursday!


Sometimes finding your way home takes more than courage. It takes a leap of faith.

After her mother unexpectedly leaves home, twelve-year old Marisa struggles with her feelings of loss and abandonment just as a pod of nineteen orca whales – mothers with their new calves following a run of chum salmon – become trapped in the enclosed inlet near her Northwest home. Marisa’s journey to help the whales find their way home brings her to a new understanding of the assaults humans have had on nature, and the complicated meaning of family and home. ~ Goodreads

The second one Dive! World War II Stories of Sailors & Submarines in the Pacific: The Incredible Story of U.S. Submarines in WWII by Deborah Hopkinson which will be posted the day after, on October 7th!


Dive! World War II Stories of Sailors & Submarines in the Pacific tells the incredible story of America’s little known “war within a war” — US submarine warfare during World War II.

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US entered World War II in December 1941 with only 44 Naval submarines — many of them dating from the 1920s. With the Pacific battleship fleet decimated after Pearl Harbor, it was up to the feisty and heroic sailors aboard the US submarines to stop the Japanese invasion across the Pacific.

Using first-person accounts, archival materials, official Naval documents, and photographs, award-winning author Deborah Hopkinson brings the voices and exploits of these brave men to life. ~ Goodreads


See you guys sooooooooonnnnnn!!!! Also, guess who I’m being for Halloween?

And I’m super…….Happy……about it!!! :,) puns. (his name is Happy, haha. Get it? #imageniusiknow


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