Chicken Story

Guess who doesn’t have a review prepared? This girl! So basically this is just a story I wrote in my Creative Writing class about chickens taking over the world

I sat in the chair, a cigarette in my mouth. My legs were crossed as I leaned back into the little black chair. My blond hair was slicked back and my trusty chicken Cheepers stood by my side. If you couldn’t tell from my initial vibe, I’m a bad boy. Baddest of them all. The worst of the worst. Terrible, and I’m not even two anymore. My photographer told me to smile, but instead-my bad boy instincts took over. I frowned. It was the greatest frown ever frowned, “Are we done here?” I asked and I smoothly walked out the door, without even waiting for an answer. “Let’s go Cheepers,” I snapped my fingers and he ran to my side, he had been looking at a farm catalogue. A true man.

We walked down the filthy street, people moved out of our way-they didn’t want to pick a fight with us. Pollution was trapped between tall buildings, making it hard to see. That didn’t matter, it made us look cooler. Two mysterious figures in the smog, that’s who we were. I suddenly turned into a dark alleyway, I had saw my mortal enemy, Sunshine Boy, walking down the opposite side of the street. Best avoid a fight I thought, my mother would have been so proud.

I kept on walking through the alleyway and the buildings became narrower. Cheepers could no longer spread his wings and laundry lines were strung between the buildings, long forgotten. No one hung their laundry outside anymore, it was too dangerous. I took a wiff of my cigar before I reached a dumpster covered in a shadow.

I pulled a lever and the lid lifted. My home. I climbed inside and heard the lid shut behind me, the stone stairs were dimly lit, spiraling downward. Moss covered the walls as I walked downstairs. It opened up into a small room. The floor was bumpy, gray stone and the walls were covered in moss and mold. In the corner shoved off to the side, there was moldy green couch. I walked to the light switch, obviously broken long ago, and I switched in on. I crossed my arms, waiting for it. Suddenly the floor flipped upside down. I flipped down from the ceiling and Cheepers flipped the light switch and gravity returned to normal. I looked around, screens covered the wall in front of me. To both of my sides, there were nest after nest of chickens. Each chicken had a beeping collar on their necks. The stood and bawked in unison when Cheepers and I walked by. I ignored them and continued to my computer. I logged on and checked for when my new leather jacket would arrive. 1/17/2102 Perfect I smiled and turned to my chickens. “The time has come!” I stood on my pedestal, “On January eighteenth, two thousand one hundred two, we will take the world! My chickens bawked. “Now go prepare!” The chickens nodded and followed Cheepers through their door. Silence filled the room and I began preparing my ultimate weapon.

January 17 2102 came and went. No one noticed any subtle changes, it was the same as it had always been. Get up, go to work, visit loved ones in the Sanctuary, go to bed. The only one thing that might have tipped them off, was the unusual amounts of chickens walking the streets. Other than that, another day where they sat hoping someone would change the world for them. A year finally passed and my plan was in full swing. Everything was going better than expected, and not one chicken had yet lost their life. I sat in my laboratory, Cheepers drinking coffee by my side and watched the news. I was watching two of my best chickens, (besides Cheepers), report on the latest scandal. A diplomat had mysteriously died on the job and it turned out the president of Canada had assassinated her. They found the smoking gun in his hotel room. I smiled, there was no stopping me now.

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