Chicken Story Continued…

The first part of the Chicken Story

Suddenly, I heard an urgent bawk coming through the intercoms. There was someone on to us. “Time to act fast,” I said as I held out my arm with the remote. I pressed the red button and my laboratory’s ceiling lifted upward, I could see the sky. My giant robot chicken walked out of the door in the wall, little baby robot chickens behind it. The giant robot chicken, we’ll call him Fred, kneeled down and Cheepers and I got on it Fred’ back. I could see my baby robot chicken’s red eyes as they flew around us in perfect formation. Cheepers had trained them well. I motioned with my hand for two of my chickens to drop off and surround the perimeter of one of the sky-scrapers we passed. I continued assigning chickens to important buildings and houses, until I finally reached the capital. Out of the original 6,666 chickens I had, only 100 remained. The elitest of the elite. These chickens were chickens devoid of any chicken instincts, they only had one purpose. To help me rule the world. We flew down towards the gray house. Originally, it had been white-but years of pollution and constant bombing from TOHOTW had stained it grey. I silently commanded the chickens to surround the perimeter. Fred dropped down silently behind a bush and Cheepers with his 25 highest ranked chicken soldiers, called the Super 25, followed me into the sewer.

I put a mask on my face. The sewage was toxic and could potentially kill you. I pulled out a lazer gun and pulled the trigger. A map appeared in front of us, its blue light made long shadows in the sewer and for a moment, it blinded me. The map was pinpointing the exact location of all my chickens, including status updates and battery percentage. I pulled the trigger again and a different map replaced the first. This time it was a map of the gray house we were infiltrating. I spotted the red dot marking me, Cheepers, and the Super 25. Then a pacing purple dot marking our target. Yellow dots ran frantically around being chased by blue dots. More blue dots walked around the inside of the house. I smiled, my chickens were doing their jobs well. We continued walking down the pipes in complete silence. Finally, we reached our target’s location. I lifted the lid, wanting to get out of the pipes. The Super 25 hopped out first, to get an idea of the situation and Cheepers and I quickly followed. I stood in a office shaped like an oval. A rare wooden desk was in front and a large windor behind me. The room was bare of any decorations beside the black and white flag of HOTW.

Suddenly the Super 25 grabbed my arms and lifted me into the air, just as the purple dot walked in. It was President Riley, the president of HOTW. My target. The Super 25 immediately knew what to do. The put me upside down in a black chair on the stark white, marble ceiling. My anti gravity bots, placed there by the Extremely Super 10 earlier that day, made sure I didn’t fall. I threw my Slinkey Rope down and muffled the Prez. Cheepers threw himself into action. He spun around and did his trademarked Super Claw Attack. He hit all of Riley’s pressure points. They were out cold. The Super 25 dragged Riley into a Super Cell, and I took over the world. Though when I made the announcement over the WNDMAAS, no one noticed the difference. And even when we stormed TOHOTW with my army of chickens, no one even batted an eye. Chickens ruled us all with me as their master. Maybe I’ll take over the Galaxy next, who knows?

I really am a bad boy.

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