When the Butterflies Came (MMGM)

What’s that? I haven’t posted in three weeks?! 

Yeah. About that, sorry! I unfortunately was unable to write a review last week and then THE NEXT week I traveled to California over the weekend and then THIS WEEK I had no wifi and…Yuuuupppp… Anyway, here’s the review! I also started watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix and it follows the books really well, just and fyi


Title: When the Butterflies Came
Author: Kimberley Griffiths Little
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: 2013
Page Count: 327 (Paperback)
Age Recommendation: 7

Everybody thinks Tara Doucet has the perfect life. But in reality, Tara’s life is anything but perfect: Her dear Grammy Claire has just passed away, her mother is depressed and distant, and she and her sister Riley can’t seem to agree on anything. But when mysterious and dazzling butterflies begin to follow her around after Grammy Claire’s funeral, Tara just knows in her heart that her grandmother has left her one final mystery to solve.

A strange butler brings Tara and Riley to Grammy Claire’s house, where Tara finds a stack of keys and detailed letters from Grammy Claire herself. Note by note, Tara learns unexpected truths about her grandmother’s life. As the letters grow more ominous and the clues more difficult to decipher, Tara realizes that the secrets she must uncover could lead to mortal danger. And when Tara and Riley are swept away to the beautiful islands of Chuuk to hear their grandmother’s will, Tara discovers the most shocking truth of all — one that will change her life forever.

From Kimberley Griffiths Little comes a magical, breathtaking mystery full of loss and love, family and faith. ~ Goodreads

(Eeeek! Sorry for the bad photo quality!) This book is as beautiful as its cover. Starting off, the author really, really made me feel like I was there with Tara. The descriptions were just so perfect. They even travel to an island and I almost feel like I’m there too! (A nice break from school and freezing weather :/). The story overall is pretty nice too! Like a less messed up version of The 39 Clues (it just never ends). And the adventure of just running through an old house, I really don’t know but it just was fabulous. This is a perfect book for younger middle grade readers that want to dive into something a little more complicated! But, of course, what is a Sue Kooky review without me describing every one of a book’s flaws-in detail? Yup-I didn’t forget! *rubs hands together* So the first thing that stood out to me was the main character, Tara. People call her a princess, because she is perfect in every way. Who cares that she dared a classmate to jump off a bridge into a river of alligators?! She comes from an high up family, and she is never the type of girl to want to hurt someone. Nope, not her. (She did redeem herself later so I have forgiven her). The ending was also sort of weird, but definitely not the strangest thing I’ve read. Though it seemed like the author decided to go with the-literally-everything-turns-out-perfect-in-the-end cliche. 🙂

Fabulous Quotes!


“If you don’t unlock that door in the next three seconds, I’m going to strangle you.” (…) “She’s only joking,” I tell Eloni, digging into my backpack until my hands close around the right key. The others are packed in the box in my main suitcase. “It’s called sisterly love.”

My thoughts are making me crazy!

What Does the Cat Think?

I will chase the butterflies!!! Butterfly chasing I will

I give this book 4 stars out of 5!

8 thoughts on “When the Butterflies Came (MMGM)

  1. This sounds like an unusual story, and the Goodreads review left a cliff hanger. I like happy endings, but not predictable endings. Still don’t know what the butterflies mean. Will have to read.

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