My most anticipated book releases of 2017!

Heeellllooooo all! I (forgot to post and hastily scrambled this post together) decided to spice things up today! So instead of a review, it will be a LIST! EXCITING, I KNOW!!! 😀 (Also, guess who has their first standardized test tomorrow? This girl!) 😛


Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities #6)


While I’m not *quite* as obsessed with this series as I was last year, and was somewhat a tad disappointed in Lodestar, THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WON’T BE MARKING DOWN THE DAYS TILL ITS RELEASE (Fall) (Also, I love the cover too much, though I’m EXTREMELY upset that Dex wasn’t on it) -__-


The Dark Prophecy (Trials of Apollo #2)


As you all know, I despise…HOW MUCH I NEED THIS BOOK. THE WANTING. THE THIRST. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! #soclosebutsofaraway (36 dayyyzzzz)

An Ode to the Cover by Sue Kooky

birdman birdman
flying in the sky
so high
come down birdman
before you fall and die


Wind witch (The Witchlands #2)


This has already been released, (Jan, 10. 2017) BUT I HAVEN’T READ IT AND AM CRYING ON THE INSIDE. I LOVE THE WHOLE IDEA OF THIS SERIES AND AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH (Also the cover is seriously goals)


Darkness of Dragons (Wings of Fire #10)


THIS BOOK IS ACTUALLY RELEASED IN MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, SO, LIKE, YAY????????? THIS WOULD LITERALLY BE ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFT EVER. (I’m looking at you mom) 😉 And also isn’t the title just so…edgy?  PRACTICALLY emo. Life is darkness bro. Satan is my homie…   T H I S  I S  G O S P E L XD Plus it’s from my FAVORITE CHARACTER’S POV SOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (July, 25. 2017)


The Ship of the Dead (Magnus Chase #3)


Ok, but, after that ending AND the title to go with it, I would only be slightly surprised if I suddenly started having a breakdown from all the excitement. I mean. WAAAAHHHHHH SOME OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME ARE IN THIS BOOK AND YOU WANT ME TO WAIT A YEAR??? (October, 3. 2017)


A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3)


Honestly, I’m a bit iffy on this series since honestly some of the scenes in the last book have scarred me for life… *cough* chapter 55 *cough* But, I AM excited to see what happens so? Yeah? *shudders* I’M JUST AN INNOCENT BEAN!!!

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