Conference of Authors on Tuesday! (CAT)

*appears in tuxedo* Hello there! Welcome to the Conference of Authors on Tuesdays (also known as CAT). Shall we begin?

First off, lets welcome our lovely moderator-Morgan Freeman! We are so happy to have you here.

Morgan Freeman: So happy to be here

*screams in background**fainting over voice*

Morgan Freeman:

Me: Your voice is so much more beautiful in real life…ahem, and now our speakers. Please welcome, Jo-I mean J.K.Rowling, Shannon Messenger, Rick Riordan, Tui T. Sutherland, James Riley, and Sarah J. Maas.

Morgan Freeman: Wait, wasn’t I supposed to announce the-

Me: Shhhhhhh

Morgan Freeman: First off, Mrs. Messenger, your readers would like to know if you are familiar with the term ‘kill it with fire’?

*awkward silence*

Shannon Messenger: 

Morgan Freeman: …Our next question goes to Mrs. Rowling. Are you a fan of puns?

*Dumbledore breaks through the door*


J.K.Rowling: Well, all I can say is that, they see me Rowling, they hating *sunglasses slide down on face*

(the other authors): *gasp* no…

Morgan Freeman: Are you the…

James Riley: Legendary DABMASTER????

J.K. Rowling: *nods*

Everyone in the whole world: *gasps*

Me: So that’s why you’re so cool….

*J.K. Rowling slowly disappears*

Apollo, riding a dragon, dressed in a superhero cape and fox mask: *bursts through ceiling* HELLO MORTALS!





Apollo: Sorry dad *single tear*

Rick Riordan: It’s ok, Lester. Everyone makes mistakes



*whole conference room suddenly goes dark*

*lights come back on*

*Rick and Apollo are gone*

James Riley: It’s Ok guys! I can re-write them so they come back!

Me: But, this is real life. You can’t re-write real life

James Riley: How do you know it’s real life? You could all be figments of my imagination. I could’ve written myself into this story and that’s why I’m here now. We could all be controlled by an author and we wouldn’t even know. And what makes fictional life different than real life? Would ice-cream taste the same in a book?

Sarah J. Maas: I think I’m going to absquatulate now…

Morgan Freeman: And then there were three.

Tui T. Sutherland: You know…I think that I hear a dragon.

Me: Hahaha it’s ok you can just leave, no need for excuses. 😦

Tui T. Sutherland: No, really, I think there’s a dragon-

Dragon: Rawr!

Shannon Messenger: THE FLAMES CANNOT BE CONTROLLED!!! *light leaps away*

James Riley: *dives into a book*

Me: Hmmm, not the smartest idea…

Morgan: *turns into pure light*

Tui T. Sutherland: *pulls out scroll and disappears*

Audience: *shakes head and jumps into green fire*

(Amid the debris, only one thing remains. A small scroll tied with a silver ribbon. It reads:)

 Questions for the Authors

Shannon Messenger:

Are some aspects of your Keeper of the Lost Cities world influenced by the real world?

What caused for you to write about beings that could control the wind?

What are some similarities, and some differences between that of art (drawing, painting etc) and writing?

J. K. Rowling:

How did you create such a vivid world and characters?

What was the hardest part about writing Harry Potter?

Do you think you would have changed anything if you could go back in time and rewrite the series?

James Riley:

Do you ever confuse yourself when you think about the fiction and non-fiction world?

What is your favorite form of storytelling?

What would you do if you met your characters in real life?

Sarah J. Maas:

Do you ever wish you didn’t have job as a writer?

What draws you towards fantasy?

You write strong female characters. Do you ever base them off of real world people?

Rick Riordan:

Who is your favorite character out of all your series?

How much research do you put into your books? (Mythology, character traits, religions etc.)

Who do you think would be your ‘godly’ parent if you had one?

Tui T. Sutherland

What makes you so fond of dragons?

As a writer, how do you think you’ve changed since first writing your Wings of Fire Series?

Are you planning on writing anything after you finish the Wings of Fire series?

Morgan Freeman: *reappears back into mortal body* *looks at list* *realizes it reads ‘questions NEVER to ask these authors no matter what*

Morgan Freeman:


Eventbrite inspired this conference of authors post – check out their conference page if you’re interested in creating your own!

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