Summer On Earth


Title: Summer On Earth
Author: Peter Thomson
Publisher: Persnickety Press
Publication Date: August 10th, 2017
Page Count: 296 (PDF file)
Age Recommendation: 10
How I Came Across the Book: Book Review Request! 🙂

Eleven-year-old Grady, his ma and his younger sister Luanne, are having a hard
summer. Grady’s dad has died, and the family isn’t the same. Their lives
change when extraterrestrial engineer Ralwil Turth lands at the back of their
farm, to try and fix his power drive. Stuck in human form, he gets to know
Grady and his family as he works as a farmhand, and starts to learn what it
means to be human. He comes up with a plan to help Grady’s family, but when
trouble comes, the family’s survival and Ralwil’s life are on the line.
Can Grady find the courage to help his family and save his friend? The story
blends adventure, humor and heart to create an unforgettable story about
finding home. In her blurb, award-winning author Jane Yolen said that, “At
its core it’s a sweet tale of first contact.” 
~ From the Publisher

Oh my gosh this book was so pure and sweet! (ha, pun.) I haven’t actually read that many books about aliens, so this was a new experience for me! It started off kind of sad but all of the characters’ intentions were pure. Then there was this funny phase that went right into the bittersweet ending.

One thing that I loved about this book was the multiple POVs. They were always necessary to move the story along and each were unique and funny. My personal favorite was Deputy Stinky and the alien (aka Will.) Deputy Stinky’s POV was so absolutely absurd and added a comedic edge that the story probably wouldn’t otherwise have. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he is me in a couple of years XD.

My favorite POV though was definitely Will’s. I loved seeing Earth through his eyes. Everything from the plants to the emotions were all new to him and he was experiencing EVERYTHING for the first time. He was just a really sweet and pure character. All he wanted to do was help and return home, but since he had no idea what he was doing, he was judged and somewhat shunned by the humans.

I also love how this story sort of dives into human nature. I guess I should’ve expected it due to there being an alien with humans and all, but I didn’t. There were so many times I was so mad at all of the people. Like, you guys? You need to stop being so mean. And then there were so many times that made my heart just go BWAH and made me smile.

The ending was unexpected. It sort of reminds me of a sad/hopeful song. Like the ones played during a movie during the part with a battle scene and the good guys are losing or someone dies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The only issue I really had, was I felt like at one point the author used the characters to move the plot forward by making them make really bad decisions. This is one of my pet peeves but I could also see this decision to seem logical to the character at the time, so I didn’t mind too much.

All in all this is a perfect feel-good book to read during your summer break.

Fabulous Quotes!

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something like that.”
“Me neither. I mean, not out in public.” The conversation stopped. McAfferty looked over. Everyone was looking at Baker. Baker quickly cleared his throat. “I mean, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that either.”

The taste reminded him of shoe polish and motor oil, but in a good way.

Small and grotesque looking, yet oddly attractive,

What Does the Cat Think?

Bad thoughts are…*alien* to me

I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5!

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