The Cramm Awards!

Thank you Zoie @Whisked Away by Words for nominating me! I highly recommend checking out her blog, she posts quality things every week!

Rules( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°)

Include a tidbit about who created this award! (theCramm)

Mention the person who nominated you

Share three things that motivate you to blog

Three people who inspire you to blog

Share one thing that you hope to do that will improve the world!

Answer your challenge question

Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a challenge question!

Three Things that Keep Me Blogging

The Zen

Why do I, Queen of setting goals and not following through with them continue to update this blog every month? Here is the answer: the Zen

Flowers Pond Aquatic Plants Zen Flower Aquatic

When I manage to write, it helps to get my brain in order. Most of the time my thoughts are spiraling in fifty-eight different directions, but when I write I finally manage to calm down and focus. Even sometimes when I dive, a sport that requires a lot of focus, I can’t seem to think about what I’m doing and take longer to do it (alternatively, I think too much about what I’m doing and don’t do it.) Blogging is different than creative writing for me too. In creative writing, it can become overwhelming and cause for my creativity to freeze up. It’s much more relaxing and comforting when I blog. I feel so much freerer and actually finishing my posts.

The Community ❤

I know I’ve said this before but everyone I’ve met in my 3? 4? years of blogging has been nothing but sweet and supportive. Reading everyone’s lovely blogs and comments just makes my day! Especially when you realize that what you write is actually read. I don’t know about you, but having people read your work because they want to is an incredible thing!



There have been much improvements to my writing. Very noticable. Good!

Three People Who Inspire Me to Blog


Fictonal Characters!

Cheesy as it is, fictional characters have seriously inspired many of my important life decisions (is that a good thing? Let’s hope). Connecting with someone who doesn’t exist is truly a strange thing. But seeing other people, even if they aren’t real, going after their dreams keeps me working hard to become a better writer. 😀

Shannon Messenger!

I’m sure most of you know I absolutely adore her Keeper of the Lost Cities series. The whole reason I got into the series was through her blog. She deleted her old blog, but she luckily archived all her posts! I highly recommend checking them out if you are an aspiring writer or just looking for good blog posts. As expected, they’re awesome.



These are all incredably corny, but bear with me. 🐻 Seeing progress in things that you put time and effort into is so satisfying! However, on a lot of things that I tend to do, it’s hard to track my progress. That’s one of the many reasons that I blog. Blogging you can literally look back on your progress as a writer and as a person! Important milestones and cat photos are saved forever on the internet. How cool is that?

One Thing That I Hope to do to Improve the World

Globe Earth Planet World Space Map Of The World

I’ve actually thought about this a lot. I often feel helpless, and I think we all do, whevener we look at the news. I realize that only one person can do so much. But that so much is a lot. I am a part of this world and my contributions should reflect not only who I am, but how I want the world to be. It’s my responsibility to make the world a better place. I’ve decided to become a Civil Right’s lawyer and journalist. In this way, I think that I can change the world for the better by helping those in need and spreading facts that are important. Knowlege really is power and bad knowlege does horrible things.

My Challenge Question

If your life’s story was magically kept in a detailed journal, would you rather 1) be able to read about your past at any time to reflect on your life, or 2) have the ability to write in the blank pages of your future to control what will happen? You can only choose one option!

Dang, this is hard. I feel like looking back would be extremely nostalgic, but writing the future would be controlling other people as well… ACK. I’d probably choose the ability to be able to write in the blank pages ^.^

My Challenge Question!

If you could posses all know knowlege about only one subject, what subject would it be?


8 thoughts on “The Cramm Awards!

  1. kwon kwon

    Holy moly, what an inspiring post! Perpetually in awe of your mind, grit and heart.

    If I could have all knowkedge of just one subject, I think it would be the ‘human condition’.

    Quieting the mind is a learned art, I think. You are ahead of that game by recognizing things and activities that can turn the volume down.

  2. Hi Sue! I love all your answers, and your part about your contribution to the world was so well-said and inspirational. “Knowledge is power” is a statement that’s thrown around a lot, but I agree there’s a step beyond that — there is knowledge that can help people be better, and other knowledge that is just filler and unimportant. If you think about social media, there is a *ton* of “knowledge” out there… but is it useful knowledge? That’s just one of the reasons why I love the thought of going to college in the future & traveling & just getting an education, because so much of the world becomes clearer when we become more educated.

    Being a civil right’s lawyer and journalist sound awesome, and though career choices can change, I wish you the best of luck in pursuing what you love & changing the world for the better! Lovely post! 😊

    1. Oh my gosh I completely agree. Knowlege holds so much power, and the more I gain the better person I am. I can make better decisions and choices! But if I have incorrect information I’m most likely going to do bad than good.

      Thank you! And to you as well 😀

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