The Year in Review, 2018!

Hello all! Long time no see. 2018, especially the last few months, have been a bit wild for me. I’m in the middle of tenth grade and I am so much busier with schoolwork than ninth grade (granted, I am working a little harder, but there is more work regardless). Luckily I love school, but it hasn’t left as much time for me to enjoy doing things outside of school. For example, I haven’t posted on here in over a month!! That’s totally crazy! I also haven’t had as much time to read, which is really sad. Over winter break, I’ve completed about 3 books in the first week and a half which is more than I read in all of November! Anyway, 2018 has been a memorable year and I’m here to share my favorite, and least favorite, moments of it with you!


I completed my Goodread’s Reading Challenge!!

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 10.56.36 AM

I did so much better in 2018 than 2017, which I *cough* didn’t complete *cough*

I even read more pages than 2017! 16,263 pages compared to 16,223 pages.

I can confidently say that I read one of my favorite books of all time!


If Six of Crows blew me away then Crooked Kingdom swept me up into a tornado (I tried to refrain from an awkward and weird metaphor, I really did). Both books are absolutely incredible. They deal with sensitive subjects in ways that don’t feel clumsy nor sugar-coated. The romance! The action! The plot! The characters! If you are to read only one book for you entire 2019, SoC should be it.

I also read some disappointing sequels


SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL!!! Why, Neal Shusterman, why did you have to fall into the clichés?!

I read a lot more manga! (And probably wouldn’t have completed my reading challenge if I hadn’t)

The entire Tokyo Ghoul: Re series was probably one of my favorites. I absolutely love the art style AND where the story is going. Plus, the parallels to the first series?? Like fine wine. This year I will, hopefully, finally write a review on one!


I’m shocked to say this, but some really good book-to-movies came out this year! My favorite was probably Love, Simon (based on Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda).


I love how similar they made the movie poster to the book, just look:


Ok, not as much as I thought.

SO MANY PRETTY BOOKS! Oh my gosh, I am 100% guilty of picking books based on their covers because even if I don’t like it, I at least want it to look good on my shelf.

So here are some of my FAVORITE covers of books I’ve read in 2018:

There’s also one book that I’ve read this year that was so incredibly terrible, yet I would most likely have given it 5 stars. I thought about reviewing it, but I thought I most likely would not have been able to do it justice. That book is 1984


My precise review on Goodread’s was ‘????!!!!!’ which I think sums it up pretty well.


My only resolution this year was to be happier. It’s not super stressful and I think it’s something we should all strive for regardless!

This is also the year I can get my driver’s licence! Which is CRAZY?!?!?! I am also FINALLY going to cut my hair short(ish) which I’ve been building up my courage for the past two years to do. TODAY IS THE DAY! I will post a picture when it is done!

My reading challenge this year is the same as last year (40 books). I thought about increasing it, but I doubt that I will have the time once I start junior year!

Anyhoo, here are my top 3 most anticipated releases for this year!

1. Wayward Son (Carry On #2) by Rainbow Rowell


When my friend first told me about this book, I legitimately thought that she was pranking me. I looked it up and it turned out it was real and I was SO happy!! I absolutely LOVED Carry On and now that it is getting a sequel?? I have very high hopes for this one.

2. Keeper of the Lost Cities #8 by Shannon Messenger


I’m sure this comes as no surprise for most of you. If you’ve read any one of my reviews of this series, you’ll see why. 😉

3. Bloodwitch (Witchlands #3) by Susan Dennard


This book has taken FOREVER to come out. I’ve never forgotten the series but I’d just assumed the writer had stopped writing the series or something. NOPE! IT’S ALIVE! HUZZAH!

How are the Cats?

Bhast, unfortunately passed away. She was a wonderful, fluffy, lazy cat who loved tummy rubs. She is missed ❤

Iggy seems to have hit puberty and refuses to hang out with his humans and participates rarely on the blog


Tiger is sweet and lovely as usual. His modeling career has taken off!


My Haircut!

Before & After

I hope you all have a wonderful 2019! Till next week!



10 thoughts on “The Year in Review, 2018!

  1. I still have difficulty believing you are 16 — you show such maturity in your writing! I think of you as in college. Love the stylish hair cut — it’s perfect for you! Have only read one series of all of the books you mentioned. Didn’t get to Shannon’s “Flashback” in the Keeper series until a few weeks ago. I’d gotten behind. Remember you feeling “numb” at the end. I was speechless with the last line. It definitely is darker. Reread the last few chapters to pick up anything I missed. I haven’t a clue where the story is going, now. So many possibilities.
    Hope you continue to focus on “happiness.” Wishing you a Happy 2019!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! That means a lot! You’re such a talented writer and I hope to be as articulate and precise as you one day 😀
      I’m super excited about my hair, it’s so much easier to take care of!
      I’m so glad you finally got the chance to read Flashback. I’m glad I’m not the only one shocked by it! I’m so looking forward to seeing where this series takes us. Honestly? Anything could happen!
      I will do my best! Happy 2019 to you too!

  2. Kwon Kwon

    Wow! What a great end of year post! Welcome to the year you get your drivers license!! Woohoo!! And LOVE LOVE LOVE your haircut!! You radiate depth and beauty from the inside and out!! Holy moly yes you do! And you are wise, too. Happiness is a worthy goal as a state of being. And we don’t have to confuse it with perfection or the ups and downs of life. Stay awesome! Keep writing!

    1. Thanks!! I had lots of fun writing it 😛
      Thank you so much for the kind words, oh my gosh. I’m not sure I deserve them💜😅
      One of my favorite music artists said something similar about happiness as you “Happiness is not something that you have to achieve, you can still feel happy during the process of achieving something” which is a quote that I love, honestly.
      Thank you! Happy new years!

  3. I love your haircut! That’s so funny, I feel like your 2019 goals are the same as my 2018 ones — I cut my hair short (is that something every girl does once they hit late teens? 😂) and got my driver’s license too. Yay to the first steps of adulting! 😆

    I’m glad to see SoC and Crooked Kingdom on your list… but your review for 1984 makes me really curious! I own a copy of 1984, so now I need to read it 🙂

    I’m currently a junior, and I remember sophomore year being an unexpectedly difficult year for me. I still blogged throughout sophomore year, but I found myself detached from a lot of things I wanted to do. School took over my life — or, rather, I *let* school took over my life. I’m super grateful I had that experience, though, because it made me rethink my priorities for my junior year (which everyone says is the most difficult year, but what I’ve learned is that it’s only difficult if *you* make it difficult. You know yourself best, so choose your classes and extracurriculars accordingly 😉). Good luck on your journey of finding balance the rest of your sophomore year! ❤️

    1. Thanks so much! I was a little hesitant about it at first but now I love it! Oh my god, my mom said literally the same thing. I wear the same type of clothes as her and cut my hair the same was as her in highschool too XD I think it is a teen girl thing! I’m *on the road* to becoming an adult!
      Oh my gosh, 1984 is wild man. Like I DESPISE the main character but the entire philosophy of the story is so well done as well as the haunting ending. My English teacher described it, and I agree, as ‘if gray was a colour’.
      Thanks for the advice! I realized, especially through the middle of first semester, that most of the work I was dealing with I put on by myself. There wasn’t even that much! I just wasn’t managing my time well so I couldn’t do things that I liked because I was either to busy doing my work or avoiding doing it! Hopefully this semester I will improve and breeze through Junior year! Thank you so much, I’m sper excited to!

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