Tiger and Iggy… RETIRING?!

The iconic Tiger and Iggy cats of Kitty Cat at the Library have been legends among Kitty Catians. Their cute, furry faces and quippy comments left readers begging for more.

Picture of Iggy captured at an unnamed night-club

However, on February 14th, 2020, the humans of the kitties moved out, leaving the care of their cats to another kind soul.

“This is an era of change. Of growing and learning. I will always love and miss my boys so much.” Says Sue Kooky, loving caretaker of the cats.

Tiger Zoo and Iggy Kooky, best known for their roles as Vogue models and private island owners respectively, also contributed to the well-loved blog Kitty Cat at the Library. Sue Kooky’s departure from their household will unfortunately end their participation with the blog.

Tiger, relaxing in the middle of a photo-shoot

When asked what she plans to do to replace their spots in her reviews, Sue Kooky shrugs, mentioning that maybe she will take pictures of household objects with cat faces taped onto them instead.


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