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Hi! Welcome to Kitty Cat at the Library! Miley Zoo and I, Sue Kooky started this blog all the way back in 2015! We write MG, Picture book, YA , anything else – book reviews and post it here! And on every book review a CAT also reviews it. You read that correct! A real life cat! You can check out their page, it’s a lot more in depth than this one.

Sue Kooky (me) is a highschooler who loves to read, but also loves to draw, write, learn, and fight for climate justice. That’s why I oftentimes goes on unwarranted hiatus, but I always return! Since I was a young kid, I’ve always loved to read and imagine living in faraway places in other people’s imaginations. Now, I like to do the same thing–but criticize other people’s imaginations on my blog!

Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 8.43.07 PM
Here I am in 2016, what a legend
Here I am! Awkwardly posing next to the love of my life, while my book slowly slips out of the dustjacket. You can see the panic in my eyes because I’m holding up the line since I needed like five pictures with each poster.

Miley Zoo rarely posts, but she loves to read just as much as I do. She, too, is following in my footsteps and beginning to build a grand book collection. She’s in the midst of her middle-school career, all the more reason to delve deep into a book!

Thank you for stopping by!


img. credits: Sailor Moon

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