Title: Windwitch (The Witchlands #2) Author: Susan Dennard Publication Date: 2017 Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Group, LLC Page Count: 377 Age Recommendation: 14 Sometimes our enemies are also our only allies… After an explosion destroys his ship, the world believes Prince Merik, Windwitch, is dead. Scarred yet alive, Merik is determined to prove his sister’s treachery. … More Windwitch

The Bronze Key (MMGM ((hopefully, this is sorta late)))

Title: The Bronze Key (Magisterium #3) Authors: Cassandra Clare & Holly Black Publisher: Scholastic Press Publication Date: 2016 Page Count: 249 (Hardcover) Age Recommendation: 11 Magic can save you. Magic can kill you. Students at the Magisterium are supposed to be safe. Under the watchful eyes of the mages, they are taught to use magic … More The Bronze Key (MMGM ((hopefully, this is sorta late)))