Chicken Story

Guess¬†who doesn’t have a review prepared? This girl! So basically this is just a¬†story I¬†wrote in my Creative Writing class about chickens taking over the¬†world I sat in the chair, a cigarette in my mouth. My legs were crossed as I leaned back into the little black chair. My blond hair was slicked back and … More Chicken Story

Summer Reader Book Tag! Even though summer is over :(

I was tagged by¬†Sean at kingdombookblog¬†thanks Sean! Sorry I didn’t do this sooner since I was tagged ages ago… hehe. Anyhoo, lets get on with this! LEMONADE: PICK A BOOK THAT STARTED OFF BITTER BUT GOT BETTER. It took a little bit to get into it and, it’s¬†Lemonade¬†mouth! I couldn’t help myself GOLDEN SUN: PICK … More Summer Reader Book Tag! Even though summer is over ūüė¶