Contact and Review Policy/Format

What’s that? You want to talk to me? Well, it was bound to happen.

If you want to tell me I’m amazing or request a book review, you can email me at kittycatatthelibrary(at)gmail(dot)com

But wait! There’s more! You can now follow me on Instagram! My username is @kittycatatthelibrary or you could just–you know, search for Sue Kooky. There can’t be that many fan accounts, right?

I’m also on Goodreads! My username is Sokooky. I accept friend requests too! Whoop whoop! You can view my profile right here 


I am NOT accepting review requests at the time. Please do not request one, for you will most likely not receive a reply.


(Doesn’t that sound official?) Well, I have to read the book first so I can review it honestly. But if I really really don’t like the book, I won’t be able to review it because I *might* have just returned it to the library before I finished it. But don’t let that deter you! I only have wanted to not finish a book once. But even then, in the midst of my misery, I prevailed and FINISHED THE BOOK!!!


Title, author, etc.

About the book from Goodreads

What I liked about the book along with my complaints about the book

My favorite quotes

What Does the Cat Think?

My overall rating of the book (on a scale of 1 to 5 stars)

Important Notice

All books of all genres are amazing, but unfortunately, I will not accept review requests for non-fiction or horror that is upper YA and above (I only say this because Lockwood & Co. is marketed as YA though I consider it MG), simply because A) I’m get scared super easily and  B) Non-Fiction just isn’t how I roll. I’m super sorry and it doesn’t make that genre or book any less important *hugs*. So to make up for it, here’s a super cute pile of kittens!!!! YAY!


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