Books I’m Social Distancing With Me

As I was scrolling through my Apple newsfeed, looking for something to write about for my school newspaper, I found only about 2 articles unrelated to the Coronavirus or Democratic Primaries: one about Megan and Harry and the other about Billie Eilish. Needless to say, school has been cancelled and I have been staying home …

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The Cruel Prince

The Cruel Prince follows a girl who's parents were brutally murdered by her faerie sister's dad, and then she and her sisters were taken to live with the murderer of her parents in faeriland. It's not easy on any of them, to say the least.

Ziggy, Stardust and Me

This book blew my mind completely. Things I loved: Ziggy, Stardust and Me is a coming of age tale about a gay kid undergoing conversion therapy in the 1970s. It follows Jonathon as he meets a Native American boy his age, and they become closer and closer. They both end up falling in love, but society, fathers, and Jonathon's internal struggle put a strain on everything. It's not a romance story, but one of self acceptance and love.