Mini Reviewing (nearly) All of Leigh Bardugo’s Work

Leigh Bardugo wrote my favorite book series on the face of this earth: The Six of Crows duology. It follows six teenagers with differing connections to a notorious gang in a crime-infested city. They are hired to pull off an impossible heist in an impenetrable prison. The story also touches upon PTSD, human trafficking, blind patriotism, and addiction. On top of phenomenal writing, it carries a strong message about inner strength and the pursuit of justice. Naturally, I couldn’t stop at just this series, and I proceeded to read nearly everything that Leigh Bardugo has written. Here’s how they fared:

Breaking Damian (MMGM)

Breaking Damian follows a young street orphan named Damian living in a magical world. There are four houses who can weave different magics and one Emperor who rules over all of them. Damian wants more than anything to become a weaver, but he's stuck as a regular person. That is until one day when he is swept up into conspiracy, romance, and rebellion as he discovers new things about himself and those whom he loves.

When Villains Rise

I'm not sure how to feel about When Villains Rise. It was probably my most (and only) anticipated book of 2020. I guess it's fitting that it's a little bit disappointing. I read the first two books in the series as fast as I possibly could, absorbing the horrifying violence and interesting moral questions the first two books brought up. I was enchanted by a world where nothing is good -- or even evil -- things just are.

Flame in the Mist

I finished this book in two days. The last book I read before this took me about two months. I think that speaks volumes about the type of book this is. A fun, easy read this book utilizes Japanese mythology and historical fiction to tell a tale about a young woman trying to become something more.

The Root of Magic – Miley Review!

The Root of Magic is a story about a girl named Willow who has a brother with an unknown illness, a mother who is constantly worried, grumpy, and disregarding Willow’s feelings, and a father who disagreed with her mother and who needs a bit better communication skills.

2020; the year in review

So much has happened this year it's impossible to put it all into words. Pandemics, protests, and presidential elections hardly scratch the surface of the collective trauma the events in 2020 caused. Luckily, I don't have to try because this post is about all the books I've read this year! Let's not waste any more time and dive straight in!

Some of my Favorite Books by BIPOC Authors

Hello everyone! I know that I disappeared off the face of the internet for the last couple of months. Even though I've been stuck at home, I think everyone can relate to struggling to process nation and world-wide events as well as adjusting to a new routine. In all honesty, I'm still a bit thrown …

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Combo Review: Not Even Bones & Only Ashes Remain

So I was chilling on Webtoons (I am sad and cringy I know) when this new series popped up on my recommended: Not Even Bones. I started reading, and immediately I was hooked. Even better, it was based on a book! Unable to wait another week, I checked out the ebook at my local library and became even more hooked. How has this series been hidden from me for so long?!

Books I’m Social Distancing With Me

As I was scrolling through my Apple newsfeed, looking for something to write about for my school newspaper, I found only about 2 articles unrelated to the Coronavirus or Democratic Primaries: one about Megan and Harry and the other about Billie Eilish. Needless to say, school has been cancelled and I have been staying home …

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