The Crown of Fire (MMGM)


Title: The Copernicus Legacy #4: The Crown of Fire
Author: Tony Abbott
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication date: 2016
Page count (hardcover): 553
Age recommendation: No one (12+)

In the fourth and final book of this series, four preteens, (technically teens) run frantically around the world deciphering clues while slowly dying. Their Bad Guy™ is killing all of the Good Guys™. Not that the preteens care. Also there is a bunch of violence and flat romance to enjoy. What will happen? Will they die. Or will the Bad Guy™ die. Read to find out. One thing is for sure though, in this pile of dead trees, someone will die. ~ Me


(Unfortunately the description of this book was not on Goodreads so I decided to write it myself XD)

Ok, so, this is the last book of the series. I absolutely loved the first book! The second one was a bit iffy, but I still enjoyed it. This one I eagerly got from the library and finished it surprisingly fast for me these days (I blame the book slump :P). The characters were immediately thrown into action as the ever ticking clock continues to…tick. There was PLENTY of action and traveling around the world! I could easily see character growth, (though maybe not in the way that I wanted) and there was never really a slow part in the book. However, I had some extremely, extremely major issues with this book. First of all I’ll start with the easy one, half of the time I had no clue what was happening. This was actually partly my fault, since I haven’t read this series in over a year-but there were SO many characters and SUCH A THICK PLOT that I couldn’t remember most of the characters or what had happened in the previous book. (I just realized that me not understanding what is happening in the plot may be because I might have *accidentally* skipped book three… hahaha. Yes, I did skip book three >_< #fail) And then another problem I had was the characters. They were very dumb. Yes, they were smarter than me. But…There was a FBI agent or something  that looked something up for them and they were like ‘just delete your search history and turn off your computer when you’re done’ BUT NO the agent did something ‘BETTER’. THEY SMASHED THEIR COMPUTER WITH A HAMMER. THERE WAS ALSO NO DESCRIPTION OR ANYTHING OF THE AGENT DELETING HER SEARCH HISTORY. So basically, tHE SEARCH HISTORY WaS stILL THeRE. YOU COULD EASILLY FIND IT. IT WOULD BE #1 FOR ANY HACKER TO FIND. PLUS, TURNING IT OFF IS WAY BETTER THAN BREAKING IT. I AM ALMOST %100 THAT HACKERS CAN’T HACK YOUR COMPUTER IF IT’S OFF. AND TURNING IT OFF DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE YOUR SEARCH HISTORY IS STILL GOING TO BE THE SAME. So basically, the agent SMASHED HER EXPENSIVE and VALUABLE computer for NOTHING AT ALL. -_- ANOTHER issue I have with the characters is that they are only 13, which is as old as me (how dare they). Over 200 people were killed throughout the book. Many were killed in front of the characters. The MCs then showed NO SIGNS of ANY PTSD or felt ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT THESE DEATHS. The characters also felt no emotions when someone very close to them DIED and then showed very little emotions when the character came BACK TO LIFE. -_- And there were numerous plot-holes that may or may not have been explained in book three or the other books including: HOW DO THEY HAVE SO MUCH MONEY THAT THEY JUST BUY LIKE FIVE TICKETS TO FLY LIKE HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD THEN THE NEXT DAY FLY BACK. And, THE PERSON WHO DIED SHOULDN’T HAVE REMEMBERED OR KNEW THEY DIED PLUS I KNOW THAT NONE OF THE OTHER CHARACTERS FILLED THEM IN ON THEIR SITUATION. And, WHY WERE THEIR PARENTS SO CHILL (at the end, you would understand…maybe if you read it. No spoilers here).Yet another problem I had was that Nicolaus Copernicus was kind of set up as a GOD, he appears in DREAMS. HE IS KIND AND HE IS THE SAVIOR. HE KNOWS ALL (give me a break). But, the absolute biggest problem of all was what made this go from three stars to one. So in the end they went somewhere and there was a CHILD MARRIAGE that was described as ‘CUTE’. This is not, has not, and never, EVER in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER BE OKAY. I understand it was in the past when people did not live as long, but it STILL would not be okay and to be in a MIDDLE GRADE BOOK that IMPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN READ and find that this is ‘okay’ and ‘cute’?!?!?!?!?!?! JUST STOP. NO (I am not sure how old the husband, but I am under the impression that he is an adult and the wife is described as 14-15.)


Darrel would have preferred commando outfits for them, combat boots and all. But they were dressed in shorts and T-shirts like tourists in midsummer.

“Impossible?” he said aloud. “Ridiculous word, after all.”

‘lots of friends in high places,’

What Does the Cat Think?

Oh dear, it seems that Tiger is unable to review this book at the moment since he stayed up too late partying :/

I give this book 1 star out of 5

Also, I just got into this AMAZING anime show called Death Note and it’s really cool for like mystery-not-really/drama/thriller sort of? (Though I wouldn’t suggest that younger kids watch it since it’s like very twisted and dark)

8 thoughts on “The Crown of Fire (MMGM)

  1. I’ve had this series on my list of books to read for much too long. This one sounds a bit odd for MG but I’m still going to read the first book. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

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